The ReWrite Project


Full project name:
ReWrite: New knowledge to navigate the rewriting of human/nature relations through genome editing in the search for sustainable food
Research coordinator:
Trine Antonsen, PhD (Norway, Scientist)
Research members:
Project Manager Anne I. Myhr PhD (Norway, Director), Fern Wickson, PhD (Norway, Senior Adviser), Post Doc. (autumn 2019)

Project owner:
GenØk - Center for Biosafety
Collaborative partners:
Sarah R. Davies (Denmark, University of Copenhagen), Christopher Preston (USA, University of Montana),
Jane Calvert (UN, University of Edinburgh), Sarah Hartley (UK, University of Exeter),
Starting date:
October 2018
4 years
The Norwegian Research Council


Work packages

WP 1: The Environmental Ethics of Human/Nature Relations in Diverse Techniques of Genetic Modification
How do different techniques of genetic modification transform human/nature relations and what is the significance of these differences from the perspective of a relational environmental ethics

WP2: Communicative Aspects of Human/Nature Relations in Public Narratives of Genome Editing
How are human/nature relations and the attendant ethical issues communicated in narratives of  genome editing in the public sphere

WP3: Exploring Links between Ethical & Communicative Aspects Using the Creative Arts
How can the creative arts be used to bring the ethical and communicative aspects of the project into dialogue and to suggest alternative pathways of socio-technical development towards sustainable food futures?

WP4: Linking Research Outcomes to Policy
How can knowledge on the ethical and communicative aspects of changes in human/nature relations inform biotechnology policy?

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