New publication tackles challenge to develop new high-throughput methods for transgenic DNA detection and stability


Along with co-authors from the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, GenØk Research David Quist has published a new scientific article “Evaluation of Adh1 alleles and transgenic soybean seeds using Scorpion PCR and HRM analysis”.

The article explains and employs a new methodology for highthroughput analysis (in order to quickly analyze thousands of samples) of genetic stability of specific transgenic loci in a GMO. This method allows the the evaluation transgene organization for both hazard identification research and regulatory compliance testing for presence/absence of the transgenic sequence. The method was applied to a specific locus of a RR soy event, and finding no instabilities. A dicussion of the application and the method follows.

For future work are continuing work with this method to analyze GMOs that have multiple transgenic events (stacked) in maize.

The abstract is below. The full paper can be downloaded here or at: