Ny bokanmeldelse! Researching standards: No recipe, no risk


Fern Wickson har gitt ut en ny bokanmeldelse.

Standards are omnipresent, yet there is very little academic

scholarship on their existence, emergence or ethical implications.

Like most people, I took standards largely for

granted, or if truth be told, remained largely ignorant of

their structuring presence throughout society. This was

before my research on environmental and ethical aspects

of nanotechnologies lead me to attend a meeting of the

International Organization for Standardization and

observe first-hand the process of developing standards

for risk regulation. Through participating in that process,

I became fascinated by the power of international standards,

horrified by the narrow range of actors involved in

their development, and surprised that this was not a more

central domain for social science research. I therefore

embraced with great enthusiasm last year’s publication of

two new works from sociologists on the issue: Lawrence

Busch’s Standards: Recipes for Reality and David Demortain’s Scientists and the Regulation of

Risk: Standardising Control.

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