Debate at Cutting Edge Festival: CRISPR FOOD: TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT?


18 October at 1345 – See full program and ticket info for the Cutting Edge Festival

Genome editing technologies such as CRISPR are revolutionizing our ability to make novel plants and animals. Many CRISPR-products are already in the pipeline, from disease-resistant livestock and better yielding crops to allergy-friendly or longer-lasting food. What does this mean for the consumer? How should these new products be regulated and will Norwegian companies adopt this new and disruptive technique?


In the panel:

Professor Bruce Whitelaw – Roslin Institute, Edinburg (UK)

Anna Wargelius – Molecular Biology Section, Institute of Marine Research

Eli Grindflek – CSO, Topigs Norsvin

Dr. Margret Engelhard – Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Germany

Mini debate: 5 questions about CRISPR-food

Professor Hilde-Gunn Opsahl Sorteberg -The Department of Plant Sciences, NMBU vs. Aina Bartmann – Network for GMO-Free Food and Animal Feed

Tage Torstensen – Head of Department of Plant Biology and Weed Science, Bioforsk Plant Health and Plant Protection vs Thomas Bøhn – Senior Scientist/Program Coordinator, GenØk – Centre for Biosafety

Moderator: Head of the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board & Director, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Kristin Halvorsen


The event is hosted by the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board.
Further information about the event (in Norwegian)