Start of a new Norwegian project on nanomaterial safety


Fern Wickson

GenØk scientist Fern Wickson

GenØk is a partner in the European flagship project “NANoREG”, which is seeking to responsibly advance nanotechnologies through developing a common approach to their regulatory testing. This project involves over 60 partner institutes from 16 different countries working together to try and address the needs of scientists, industry and regulators for standardised approaches to the safety testing of manufactured nanomaterials. Participation of all the Norwegian partners in this project is enabled by the “NorNANoREG” project,  funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Within NorNANoREG, Fern Wickson from GenØk leads the work package on transdisciplinary communication (focused on tools for effective communication of research, risks and uncertainties across both different research disciplines and stakeholder groups). Within the EU NANoREG project, GenØk is a partner in the work package on “Keeping Pace with Innovation” where the focus is on developing safety by design approaches, as well as concepts and practices of safe innovation and responsible safety research.

To learn more about these projects and their importance for ensuring the safety of nanomaterials, you can read this news item from the Norwegian Research Council: