From protection to restoration: A matter of responsible precaution


Anne Ingeborg Myhr

Anne Ingeborg Myhr

Anne Ingeborg Myhr har publisert en ny artikkel.


The Ethics of Animal Recreation and Modification studies philosophical and ethical issues arising from new technological possibilities to repair the loss of animal diversity. Several research groups are currently working toward re-creating extinct animals such as the woolly mammoth by the methods of modern genomic technology and of selective breeding. These projects challenge the main underlying tenet of conservation ethics: the extinction of a species is irreversible. For this reason alone, the idea of de-extinction, or reversing extinction, is troublesome. The purpose of this volume is to offer systematic philosophical and ethical analysis on animal de-extinction in the context of ecological restoration. The collection consists of an introduction, epilogue and nine new articles written by philosophers. The intended readership consists of academic philosophers, ecologists and others interested in conservation biology.

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Myhr, A I, Myskja B M (2014) From protection to restoration: A matter of responsible precaution, in: Oksanen, M and Siipi, H (eds.) The ethics of animal re-creation and modification. Palgrave Maximillian, ISBN: 978 – 1-137 -33763-4