Strategies and hurdles using DNA vaccines to fish


Anne Ingeborg Myhr

Anne Ingeborg Myhr

New publication from Anne Ingeborg Myhr together with Linn Hølvold and Roy Dalmo in Veterinary Research, the article has open access and can be downloaded.


DNA vaccinations against fish viral diseases as IHNV at commercial level in Canada against VHSV at experimental level are both success stories. DNA vaccination strategies against many other viral diseases have, however, not yet yielded sufficient results in terms of protection. There are many explanations to why DNA vaccine strategies against other viral diseases fail to induce protective immune responses in fish. These obstacles include: 1) too low immunogenicity of the transgene, 2) too low expression of the transgene that is supposed to induce protection, 3) suboptimal immune responses, and 4) too high degradation rate of the delivered plasmid DNA. There are also uncertainties with regard distribution and degradation of DNA vaccines that may have implications for safety and regulatory requirements that need to be clarified.

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