GM food, nutrition, safety and health


Lise Nordgård, Idun M. Grønsberg og Anne I. Myhr har publisert en ny artikkel.


GM plants and products are at present used as food and feed around the world. GM plants are also increasing used for fibre and in biofuel. Most of the commercial varieties are developed to provide tolerance against herbicides and resistance against pest. There are initiatives for development of new GM plants that may have changed nutritious value or other characteristics of interest for consumers. However, there are still unresolved questions with regard to potential risk to health and the environment. This has triggered a call for application of a precautionary approach as well as awareness to the broader issues as sustainability and socio-economic aspects by introduction and use of GM plants. In the future is important that more broad assessments are carried out of GM plants, this is a responsibility that lies on the industry, on the scientific community and on the governmental authorities

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