GenØk merges with the research institute NORCE


As of 10 December GenØk joins the research community in NORCE. NORCE is one of Norway’s largest independent research institutes, with more than 750 employees from around the world. After the inclusion of GenØk, NORCE Tromsø will count 65 employees.

GenØk’s researchers will form a new research group called «Gene technology, environment and society» in the department for Climate and Environment. The research group will retain its status as a national competence center in biosafety, and Anne Ingeborg Myhr will continue as leader.

The research focus will still be on the environmental, health and social consequences of genetic engineering and genetic modification. By becoming a part of a larger research organization, the researchers will have greater opportunities to find synergies and collaboration partners both internally and externally.

GenØk as from the start been a unique centre, and we have through the years built a great network of research partners, collaborators and friends. We are excited to join our new colleagues in NORCE and hope that you will continue to collaborate with us and follow our work in the years to come.