New publication: Towards ethics in assessment of GMOs


Dassler, T. and Antonsen, T. (2021) Towards ethics in assessment of GMOs, EurSafe News, volume 23, no.1, may 2021 .

There is increased awareness about ethics with use of novel genome editing technologies. Genome editing, as a relatively new technology, still has a lot of unknowns. Ethics is meant to help us decide what to do when facing uncertainty, and it is not surprising that the interest in ethics in connection with assessments of GMOs has been renewed.

The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technology (EGE) recently released a report on the ethics of Genome Editing (2021). It addresses the use of this technology in humans, livestock and plants, highlights the need for attention to varieties of meaning attributed to ‘humanness’, ‘naturalness’ and ‘diversity’. 

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