Arinze Okoli

Tittel: Forsker II / Prosjektleder
Telefon: +47 77 62 08 76

Dr. Arinze S. Okoli is a molecular Microbiologist & Virologist. Dr. Okoli obtained his PhD from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 2009 under the supervision of Professor George L. Mendz (and co-supervision of Professors Marc Wilkins & Hazel Mitchell). The title of the project was “Molecular studies of the response of Helicobacter hepaticus to bile, and the effect of Helicobacter bilis on human hepatoma cells”.

Between 2010 & 2013, Dr. Okoli worked as a Post-doctoral fellow with the Molecular Virology group of Professor Terje Traavik in GenØK -Centre for Biosafety, Tromsø, Norway. During this period Dr. Okoli conducted research on functional genomics of vaccine relevant transgenic and naturally occurring orthopoxviruses.

Dr. Okoli is currently a Senior Scientist with GenØk and at present focuses on the management of the research project: “Creating new knowledge about gene-editing, enabling the CRISPR/Cas technology to be used in a responsible manner”. The overall objective of the project is to identify and provide solutions to the impact(s) of CRISPR/Cas on animal breeding using infection models. This is an important aspect of the CRISPR/Cas technology because it provides much-needed knowledge required on how and where to apply the technology in a safe and sustainable way.

Results from the project will provide information needed by the salmon aquaculture industry on the impacts of the new and innovative CRISPR/Cas technique on salmon health and the ecosystem, helping the industry to formulate a perception of CRISPR/Cas based on scientific knowledge. Overall, this project has animal welfare, environmental, economic, political and social benefits.

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