Tim Dassler

Tittel: Forsker III
Mobil: +47 48353465
E-post: tim.dassler@uit.no

Tim joined GenØk in February 2020 as a researcher on the AFINO project and the GMO-TA project working on the Development of Appropriate Risk- and Technology Assessment for GMOs.

– In every crisis there are opportunities for development, change and creation. If we manage to seize these opportunities, we will step by step build a better world and sustainable future for all.

I believe that effective research is based on open communication, mutual trust, liberty through responsibility, the sharing of knowledge and know-how, and care for human flourishing.

Thus, my goal as a researcher is being an active part in creative processes, together with other people.

My studies in politics, economics, psychology, philosophy and education have led to an authentic enthusiasm for Care Ethics and Care Politics. Working as an avalanche instructor in the high North I developed an insatiable curiosity for how learning – and teaching – decision making is possible under uncertainty and in high risk, misleading feedback, learning environments.

Thus, I hope to be able to contribute to broadening our perspective to risk assessment, evaluation and management, and to create effective teaching and learning tools for researchers, businesses, politicians and institutions alike.