AFINO – Responsible Research and Innovation in Norway 

WP 4: Enhanced societal responsibility, sustainability and theoretical renewal through cross-disciplinary learning  

WP4 Overview: 

  1. Development of an agenda for the advancement of societal responsibility in Norway (including annual milestones) (in Task 1) 
  1. A knowledge-mapping report describing how RRI and CSR approaches and practices have been employed in different sectors (in Task 2) 
  1. A knowledge-expansion report about new platforms for fostering RRI and CSR, including through incorporation of the arts and humanities, and the closer integration of CSR and RRI (in Task 2) 
  1. Generation of an AFINO sustainability model (in Task 3) 
  1. Recommendations: towards RRI and CSR integration in organisations in different sectors (in Task 3). 

WP4 Building blocks for enhanced societal responsibility aims at advancing the conceptual development of and enhanced implementation in the area of societal responsibility, encompassing RRI and CSR as well as perspectives from arts and humanities, while engaging all actors involved in the quadruple helix of innovation.  

We have a dedicated working group and highly motivated team of excellent researchers focusing on the advancement of societal responsibility (RRI & CSR) in Norway, as well as establishing a self-sustainable AFINO hub and activities. Part of our core team are Erik Thorstensen (OsloMet)Anne I. Myhr (GenØk – Senter for biosikkerhet)Svein Ole Borgen (OsloMet)Harald Throne-Holst (OsloMet) and Tim Dassler (GenØk – Senter for biosikkerhet). 

In the working group we will develop an AFINO sustainability model and to facilitate an inclusive transition discussion with all AFINO partners to help determine the optimal organizational model and mandate for a continuation of AFINO. 

Our aim is to develop a set of recommendations for RRI and CSR integration in organizations in different sectors.