Lilian van Hove

Tittel: Forsker III

Lilian van Hove has an academic background in philosophy. She is motivated to understand the role of emerging technologies in society, particularly interested in the ethical dimensions of the development and assessment of new technologies (e.g. nanotechnology, GMOs, geoengineering, artificial intelligence). She is driven to combine the ‘why’ questions with the ‘how’ questions and contribute to the development of governance approaches to research and innovation.

Current research projects

“Genetically Modified Potato with Late Blight Resistance – Deliberate Examination of Sustainability, Ethical and Social Aspects”
Funded by the ELSA Programme of the Norwegian Research Council

SALMAT – “Climate Change Will Increase Early Maturation in Salmon Aquaculture Which Can Be Mitigated via Genes Controlling Puberty”
Funded by the BIOTEK2021 Programme of the Norwegian Research Council.

Past research projects

Responsibility as an Integral Component of Digital Research Practices in Bio- and Nanotechnology
Funded by the ELSA & BIOTEK2021 Programmes of the Norwegian Research Council.

“A common European approach to the regulatory testing of nanomaterials” (NANoREG).
Funded by the European Commission FP7.

Publications and Reports

Van Hove, L. and Gillund, F. (2017). “Is it only the regulatory status? Broadening the debate on cisgenic plants”, Environ Sci Eur 29 (22). doi:10.1186/s12302-017-0120-2 (open access)

Hjorth, R., van Hove, L. and Wickson, F. (2017). “What can nanosafety learn from drug development? The feasibility of “safety by design”“, Nanotoxicology.

Hartley, S., Gillund, F., van Hove, L. and Wickson, F. (2016). “Essential Features of Responsible Governance of Agricultural Biotechnology“, PLoS Biology 14(5): e1002453. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1002453 (open access)

Fern Wickson, van Hove, L., El Temsah, Y., Dusinska, M., Rodenburg, M., Heringa, M., Vandebriel, R., Flemming Cassee, F., Sips, A., Micheletti, C., Benetti F. (2015). “Inventory of Safety Assessment Issues and New Approaches to Research and Governance”. European deliverable for the NANoREG Project.